Will Camaro Be Reborn Too?

Hoping to enhance sales with an improved product, Chevy bobbed the nose of the ’94 APV and provided a new choice: a singular power proper sliding door (operated by remote management). Chevy additionally modified the title to Lumina Minivan and capped base prices at $16,800-$17,500. But nothing seemed to assist, and the APV/Minivan was no more a threat to Chrysler’s minivan dominance than the Astro. Gross sales languished mostly within the 50,000-60,000 space, a few tenth of Chrysler’s volume.

“It seems that the public did not agree with Chevrolet advertising and marketing specialists who felt that Corvair and Chevelle would overlap Chevy II,” the article continued. “In truth, word was across the trade that Chevrolet execs had been intent on phasing out the Chevy II altogether. However, the brass had done their work too well, if not correctly. Buyer demand, relayed by means of dealers, brought the Chevy II hardtop back. It seems the car is sweet and the worth is true.”

Giant SUVs have measurement and weight on their aspect, and in addition are built on sturdy truck frames. That body enhances their passive crash safety, although this inflexible metal understructure, mixed with the tall trip peak of a full-dimension SUV, anti-aging means these autos may be deadly to occupants of smaller vehicles in a crash. Massive SUVs should not inexpensive, and so tend to be pushed by a mature driver population, as effectively.

The AMC Pacer got here out of the gate as wholesome competition for the opposite compact cars that had been sweeping the market in the course of the oil embargo. There was just one significant styling change to the automotive that was lovingly referred to as a “pregnant roller skate.” In the early fashions, ‘seventy five to ’77, the grille and hood had been flat and aerodynamic wanting, whereas the ’78 to ’80 models had an awkward geometric design to it. An attention-grabbing piece of trivia on the Pacer is that the amount of surface space covered in glass is a full 37%, which equates to round a whopping 5,615 square inches of see-by goodness.

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