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Joystiq Is Looking For Some Good Recreation Writers

Rune Manufacturing unit 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon – Marvelous LeisureRune Manufacturing facility 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon continues the proud tradition of its predecessors by offering a mix of Harvest Moon farming mechanics and RPG action, all wrapped in an engrossing storyline. Gamers can prepare monsters while farming, fishing and gathering, and friendly villagers will be part of them in battle. The new on-line multiplayer mode allows up to 3 players to combine forces, conquer dungeons, and evaluate their accomplishments.

Along with so many supporter credits that you will be able to float your own navy on top of them and name yourself “Admiral Pretend Cash,” you will get the opportunity to design a biome with the dev crew. And if you are not using that alternative to go totally juvenile and make a poo world or an alpaca dying zone, then you’ve got just wasted that $2,500 the wrong means.

Promoted Entries

We’re additionally saying quick availability of our new promoting product for manufacturers, networks, and studios. These native advertising units are referred to as Promoted Entries and can present up on the Feed and Information pages, offering advertisers a way to connect with their clients round Television shows, movies, and main occasions.

Any kind of content material ­ a message, a photograph, or a video ­ could be promoted and will seem at the highest of the Feed for the whole sponsored campaign. When a consumer likes a Promoted Entry, it becomes viral and hops to mates’ Feeds.

Promoted Entries were first unveiled this previous Sunday through the Tremendous Bowl in partnership with Pepsi, the exclusive launch sponsor. Pepsi promoted a clip featuring the Fan Made Countdown video main up to the Pepsi Halftime Show, and cty gửi hàng đi mỹ then they rewarded followers with a sticker for checking­ in.

During halftime, over 15% of all tweets about Pepsi got here from GetGlue. Also, GetGlue was the #2 supply of all tweets about Pepsi, solely behind Twitter for iPhone. For the GetGlue recap of the Tremendous Bowl, go to this submit on our blog.

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