SXSW 2022: Being Indie And Profitable Within The Video Recreation Trade

In conclusion, there wasn’t a whole lot of nuts and bolts recommendation about how to just hit the ground operating and “bang” achieve success and những lưu ý khi gửi hàng đi mỹ indie, however Baez and Carmel each told one pupil at the Q&A who had been approached by an agent to be extraordinarily wary, and to consider working with out one. Their finest advice was to find yourself a extremely good lawyer.

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Monthly subscription containers are a curious concept: subscribers pay a charge to obtain issues like t-shirts, toys, merchandise, makeup or meals that they haven’t any alternative over. Firms like Loot Crate, Fancy, Graze and Dollar Shave Membership all utilise the model, but there’s a brand new entrant on the scene: Mojang. That’s right, Minecraft now has its personal swag box.

Author: imogenboatwright